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About a third of residential sales occur between Nov. and April

Mindy Costanzo

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Some studies show that homes listed in the winter move faster. Often times an owner may have an urgent reason to move so many people do move mid-year. Recent stats from the local MLS have shown in our area that about 28% of all residential sales occurred between the months of November to April over the past three years.

Selling your home in the wintertime can be a little more challenging but whatever a seller’s reasons are for selling, there are pro’s and con’s for selling a home in all seasons. Of course, the best time to sell your home is when your home is ready to be sold! You might want to consider these few tips to selling your home in the winter months.

First, any home going on the market should be carefully staged. Extra furniture and personal items can often distract a buyer so you want your rooms to appear spacious, less cluttered and well lit with either natural lighting from window coverings being open and lamps and light fixtures turned on for maximum lighting benefit.

Most importantly check your heating and roofing. Consider raising the thermostat a little higher during showings to keep potential buyers warm. Don’t forget to make sure your roof is in great shape. Buyers will be checking your roof carefully to see how it’s holding up even more so than any other time of year.

What about your windows? Can you weather-strip them? Repair the caulking? Can you buy new windows? Energy-efficient ones? This will also help with utilities and keeping heat in. And, of course, make them clean. Rather than looking at a dirty window, we want the buyer to look out the window to the view.

As people come to see your home, make sure you clear a path for them if you happen to have snow on the ground. Also, watch the scented candles and air-fresheners. Since you can’t keep windows open during the winter strong scents can linger and if a buyer has allergies or hates a particular scent…not good!

Decorating and accessorizing are important too. How about a seasonal wreath or some seasonal winter plants and landscaping details to make your house look “warmer” during frigid temps?

Showing your home means you might want to get in a regular routine of leaving your home in a “showing” condition so you can manage quick showings and schedule around your holiday events. You really don’t want to turn down any showing or turn away the potential buyer.

The reality is the best time to sell a home is when your house is ready. If winter is when your house needs to be on the market, don’t let cold temps get you discouraged. A top-performing Realtor will guide you and help you with ease. All seasons are good to list, sell and buy when you have a top Realtor at your side!

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